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Have you considered opening up themes for users to contribute and get credited?

  • Michael Ho
  • July 11, 2012

I’m coming from a design conceptualization and marketing background, just suggesting my two cents.

I do really like Breezi’s concept and hope it’ll turn out to be a successful app as time goes on. We’re in a revolutionized generation, and a well known social-site doesn’t build up everything by their own employees. It’s made famous because it opens up their app section for developers to explore.

1 Answer

Thanks for your comment Michael! Themes is the biggest undertaking we’re working on right now, which is still a little ways away from being released. It’s going to be awesome – users will have a lot of theme options to choose from, and be able to create on their own.

After that, you’re going to start to see other features that are more aligned with community involvement, but unfortunately I can’t get into details just yet. Look out for information on that on our blog and Roadmap pages in the future though!


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