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What is a block?

I’ve seen other articles and tutorials where this term is mentioned. I think I get the idea but can you define precisely what a block is?

1 Answer

A block (previously known as a container) is a placeholder for sections, which in turn have columns. Inside columns you can place your apps.


Summarized layout diagram

This diagram shows also the hierarchy of blocks, sections and columns


With the Layout Builder, you can have as many blocks as you like. You can also use a predefined layout with given blocks. Choose one from the layout menu (temporarily disabled) on the shelf.

Available layout options

Each of these layout options have a set of blocks that will be distributed according to the picture you click. But, as mentioned before, you don’t have to stick to these layouts. You can add as many blocks as you need, remove the ones you don’t need anymore, or reorder them.

Inside blocks, you can also add, remove and reorder sections. And finally, each section can have several columns as well. And it is there, within columns, that you can place your apps.

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Mike Jauregui

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