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What is a domain and how does it work?

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Worry not, we’ll bring you up to speed! Here’s a quick reference on how domains work.

Websites are identified by a domain name (commonly referred to as a URL or web address). Our domain is, for example. When you start out with a new Breezi account, you pick a website address which is actually setup as a “subdomain” (for example,, and you can change this anytime you’d like.

To Point Your Own Domain

You can also replace this subdomain site address with your own domain name (also known as a top level domain). To do this, you have to already own a domain, or register (purchase) a domain. We don’t currently offer domain registration.

You can use your own domain

Domains have DNS records – commonly managed through the same service you purchase a domain through (a.k.a. domain registrar) – which can be pointed to other services (like Breezi, or to a e-mail hosting service for example) to “connect” or “map” the domain to these services. It’s through this domain pointing process that you’re able to use your own domain for your Breezi site.

Check out our Domain Help section in our Breezi tutorials for more information about this topic.


Mike Jauregui

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