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sidebar same page navigation

hi I’m adding a second navi to the page and was wondering if it can be use to search content on that page. so if I put an nav item like loans it would go/scroll down to that content on the page without having to reload

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  • by BreeziUser October 14, 2014

Links to Navigation App

I use the drop down menus in the navigation app as the primary means of site navigation. I have four top level items with multiple sub level entries in each. Currently, the top level links require either a URL to link to another site or a link to a another page within the website. For ...

Drop down menus over super banner app

I have installed the super banner app into the intro block on a test page on my site. I have the drop down menus in the navigation app in the header block above. The menus have five or six entries to them, and drop down lower than the top of the images in the super ...


Is there a way to implement navigation only in a specific frame of a central page, instead of switching between entire pages?What I mean is navigation like its implemented in Flavorwire, for example: So there are separate pages for each item of mixed content e.g. entries in a list, with text and illustration, but ...

Problems with navigation!

Hello, When I add extra navigation apps to my website, I can’t seem to change the font, color, or format to the navigation app. I can’t even change my first navigation app that I installed anymore. I am not using the depreciated navigation app. All navigation apps are the new drop-down version.

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  • by Devon Miller October 31, 2012

Navigation help

How can I add a navigation system like apple have on their ios section? For example you click on the facebook icon and it scrolls down automatically to the facebook section. Thanks again, Liam

Slideshow arrows

How do I create arrows on both sides of the slideshow app?