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Mobile Version

Is their a way to just turn off mobile version? I don’t care for the way my site looks on my iphone. Its not lined up, it cuts off half the page, etc. I just assume it look like the full site. Please help!

Tabs and Accordions app on a mobile browser

I haven’t yet tackled the issue of making a version my site which is optimized for mobile devices so maybe when I do it will solve the problem I’m seeing already. I added an M to the address in my browser (eg and the page does already load much better than the standard web ...

Mobile Phone landing page

Hi, i set up a page optimised for mobile phones, and configured as the mobile landing page. When i navigate to this by typing the home page url into my iPhones web browser eg, it detects that i am a mobile device, and so redirects me to the mobile landing page say, as ...