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Can’t log in to edit

I have been unable to log in to my website for several days, and I really need to update some information! At first whenever I tried it went to a page that said my website was down for maintenance and to try again in half an hour. This did not work. I waited a couple ...

Constantly logged off

Hello Breezi, I am being consistently logged off and taken back to the initial login window when trying to work on my site. I have been working in my ‘news’ section primarily which uses the blog app. This seems to be working fine – ie. content is entered and appears to have been saved until ...

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  • by BreeziUser January 5, 2014

I want to edit my site, how do I login?

I opened an account a few days ago, and couldn’t finish. I have some time now and I want to edit it, but don’t remember how to login or enter edit mode. Where’s my login link or how do I enter?

I can’t log into my site, can you help?