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Minimum column width and layout possibilities

Hello all! I’m working on a site that has some layout challenges and I’m trying out Squarespace and Breezi to see which could handle the content most easily. I’ve included images of the layout plan (pardon the links, having trouble finding out how to embed them) As shown, the menu is in a ...

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  • by BreeziUser April 10, 2013


Is there a way to implement navigation only in a specific frame of a central page, instead of switching between entire pages?What I mean is navigation like its implemented in Flavorwire, for example: So there are separate pages for each item of mixed content e.g. entries in a list, with text and illustration, but ...

Is there any way to justify text?

I’d like some of my text apps to be justified. Is there a setting I can tweak somewhere to accomplish this? Thanks!

Layout Preset Options

Hello, Breezi team. I do not have layout option down in my site builder. How to set page layouts? I don’t want to waste time to drag every segment individually. Thank you.

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  • by Branko Matic August 2, 2012

What is a block?

I’ve seen other articles and tutorials where this term is mentioned. I think I get the idea but can you define precisely what a block is?

Can I manually set the size for images or containers?

I am able to drag the corner to make adjustments, which is good but, can I type in manually the pixel size in the image panel and also for the layout?