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How to expand/enlarge/zoom a thumbnail image

Is there any app, other than the gallery that allows a thumbnail image to be either zoomed or enlarged? If the gallery is the only app that will do this, does it make sense to have a series of single image galleries to allow individual images to be expanded?

Display of Images

I’m currently in the process of adding content to my site – it relies heavily on image content. Where are the basic image display options? Such as thumbnail to large image on the same page? Or a collection of large images that can be clicked through one by one? For all the functionality of Breezi, ...

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  • by Bruce Rowe February 2, 2013

Can I manually set the size for images or containers?

I am able to drag the corner to make adjustments, which is good but, can I type in manually the pixel size in the image panel and also for the layout?

Is there a file size limit for images I upload?

How do Breezi sites render on iPhone & iPad?

Great, great service. I plan to use it soon and often. A couple of questions though. Does a Breezi designed site look good and work well on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone? What about Apple’s retina displays? I’m assuming you support high res images? What about HD video? Looking forward to all your ...