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Changing redirecting of domain

I no longer own the domain name I used for my website: When I try to logon to breezi, it forwards to that domain name which I can no longer access. I do however own the domain name which I want to use as my breezi website. If anyone knows how I can ...

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  • by BreeziUser June 25, 2013

How do I change the URL ?

I have a site with emails assigned. How would it work if I wanted that domain to use the content? If I forward the domain, to the address won’t the address be seen? Also, how would it work for SEO? Thanks Simon

Setting ‘www’ as subdomain

To any whom may concern: Is subdomain ‘www’ not allowed in breezi? I have set up a www subdomain ( on enom, but whenever I type www in the subdomain section it shows “Subdomain not allowed”. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks, Josh

Use domain from

Hello, I didnt manage to point my domain registered with to my breezi website. In particular, this is what i was asked:Enter the name servers that you have received from your hosting provider here.You can allocate a name server to your domain name here. You will have received the name of your name server ...

What’s the difference between DNS (name servers) and A records?

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  • by Breezi User August 17, 2012

Can a Breezi site be hosted on another server?

Curious if my Breezi site can be moved to my current hosting service.

Is there a reseller package for user management, or a way to install Breezi on a hosting account?

Is there a way to offer Breezi accounts under my own company’s services, where Breezi is the backbone? Or do you have a way for hosts to offer Breezi on our own hosting as a reseller deal?

How can I use my own domain from

I bought a domain through – how do I point that to Breezi?

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  • by chandan gm July 2, 2012

Why doesn’t my website address have “www” before it?