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Tabs and Accordions app on a mobile browser

I haven’t yet tackled the issue of making a version my site which is optimized for mobile devices so maybe when I do it will solve the problem I’m seeing already.
I added an M to the address in my browser (eg and the page does already load much better than the standard web page in the same iPhone browser screen.
Except the section where I used the Tabs and Accordions app.
So far I’m happier with the look of the Tabs so I went that route but on the mobile page the content of each tab trails off the right side of the screen and if you swipe over to read it all of the background design work is missing.
I’m thinking the Accordion option would resolve this issue but I’m curious if there’s something I could do to make the Tabs look right on a mobile device.
Firefox on WinXP desktop for site editing, Safari and Dolphin on iOS5 for mobile browsing. FYI

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Is it possible for you to send us an screenshot of the issue as well as the email associated to your site to: so we can take a closer look at the problem that you’re reporting.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Jauregui

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