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Site speed

  • Erik Holmquist
  • June 28, 2012

My site, tested from Sweden runs slow, wonder if you are using cloud hosting for this service? Or are the free account put to a speed limit? I like to give my visitors a speedy feeling ;)

1 Answer

Hi Erik! Actually I’m seeing that your site is not yet published. Are you referring to the loading speed when you’re in the editor? Just to clarify, the editor (when you’re logged in) and the published site are separate, and thus the loading speeds are different. There are a number of different variables that could effect your editor’s loading speed, but before we get into that please confirm that this is what you’re referring to.

Regarding when you publish your site, loading speeds should definitely not be an issue, unless you add a lot of weight to your page in terms of large images, videos, social media & 3rd party application feeds, etc.

Thanks again!


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