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Resizing the container

Is there anyway to resize the height of the container? I added a container and then added an image and the is too narrow to display the whole image – cuts off the bottom part of the image.

I thought of using the sections with an image app but I want the image to span the entire width of the webpage and couldn’t put it in a section because it will not allow me to go the entire width.

1 Answer

The height of a container, and the sections within it, adjust automatically based on the apps that are placed within it, to accommodate the height of the apps and the content added in those apps.

You can then increase or decrease top and bottom spacing on containers, sections, columns and apps using the various style dots.

Learn more about resizing columns in this article.

If you’re still having some trouble, what would be best is to jump into a Live Chat with us when we’re online, and we can help you get it just the way you’d like.


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