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Is there a reseller package for user management, or a way to install Breezi on a hosting account?

Is there a way to offer Breezi accounts under my own company’s services, where Breezi is the backbone? Or do you have a way for hosts to offer Breezi on our own hosting as a reseller deal?

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That’s definitely in our plans. Details are not yet set in stone, but we tentatively plan to allow users to host their Breezi sites on a separate hosting account, and also set up a reseller/affiliate program as well in the near future.

Please contact me directly to discuss:



Chris, this would be a big incentive to pull designers like.. me who are using something like Adobe Muse/Adobe BC, and jump right into Breezi with almost no learning curve.

Jim Gavioli

Jim, a new feature in Breezi has just been released that might be of interest to you. It’s the FTP syncing tool, and it allows you to export files from Breezi into an FTP account that you own.

If you try it out, please let us know what you think!

Mike Jauregui

Our affiliate program was launched about a month ago – here is the link for anyone that is interested!

We’re also launching the multisite version of our tool before the end of this year


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