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Can I pick from different templates for my pages?

3 Answers

A sitewide theming system is currently under development, however, you currently cannot change the theme or template of a page.

Nonetheless, you can customize the layout on each of your pages, to suit your needs and accommodate your apps.

How to Change the Layout of a Page

In order to change the layout of a page, click on the shelf (control bar at the bottom) where it says “Layout” and select one from the available. Notice the disclaimer:

* Layout changes will ONLY apply to this page

Update! You can further customize the layout by adding and removing blocks. The Layout Builder has just been released!

Mike Jauregui

My “shelf” doesnt include the Layout option. It has everything else except that. Frustrating.

Ben Campbell


The Layout menu has been temporarily disabled, it will be back soon. In the mean time, try the Layout Builder, it grants total control of your layout!


Mike Jauregui

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