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Page number limit?

What is the page number limit with this system. How many web site pages can I create and maintain for the monthly fee?

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I just wanted you to know that there’s a change related to this matter, not the limit of pages has increased to 100, please follow this link in order to get more information:

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Mike Jauregui

According to Breezi’s Create A New Page article in the getting started guide:
“You can have unlimited pages with your Breezi site, and to access them just click Pages from the Shelf. If you mouse over an existing page, you can click Page Settings to update the title, meta data and other options. And you can click “Create” to start a new page. So I’ll go ahead and enter a Page Title here, and then go down and add some meta keywords for search terms I’m targeting, and complete a meta description as well – all of these fields can help with your SEO if optimized properly.”


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