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Navigation help

How can I add a navigation system like apple have on their ios section? For example you click on the facebook icon and it scrolls down automatically to the facebook section.

Thanks again,

2 Answers

Hi Liam, I am preparing an in-depth tutorial on how to do just that. The shortest answer would be to insert “Embed HTML” apps at the beginning of each section. In these embeds, you would place something like:

<div id=”section-1″></div>

Or whatever you want to call them, it could be “what-do-we-offer” or “contact-us” (instead of “section-1″).

And you would link to each of them by entering this on your anchors: #section-1 (or whatever it’s called).

I’ll post a link here when I’ve finished the tutorial.

Mike Jauregui

Thanks once again :) !

Liam Sammut

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