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Can I create multiple websites using Breezi?

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Sure you can. You can create as many Breezi sites as you like, however, there must be an individual account for each one.

One Email Per Account

And for each account, there must be a unique email address. In order to avoid creating multiple email addresses for each account, you can use a little trick.

Gmail Trick

If you use Gmail, you can create aliases for your account. All mail sent to any of these “new” addresses, will be delivered to your “source” email. To create an alias, you only need to append a “+” (plus) sign at the end of your user name, and some term. For example, if your email is “”, some aliases for it could be:

And so forth. All email sent to any of the above samples, will be delivered to the original address, “”. With this trick, you can create different “unique” email addresses, that will actually be managed with a single email account.

Remember your Email

You need to remember the exact email you entered when creating each account, as you’ll be using it for login. If you want to update your email (or password), go to More (on the shelf) > User Info. Or check these quick steps.

One more thing to note is that only one person can be logged in at the same time, and you can’t have multiple users for a single site.

Mike Jauregui

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