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Mobile Phone landing page

Hi, i set up a page optimised for mobile phones, and configured as the mobile landing page. When i navigate to this by typing the home page url into my iPhones web browser eg, it detects that i am a mobile device, and so redirects me to the mobile landing page say, as expected. However, if i navigate to the site by clicking the hyperlink from a Google search result, it opens up the non-mobile home page, ie is the behaviour different between the two methods of navigating to the same page on the same mobile device?

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We see the issue with the mobile landing page, thanks a lot for pointing it out. We have assigned this problem to one of our technicians so he can fix it as soon as possible.

We’ll get back to you once this situation gets solved.

Thanks a lot,

Mike Jauregui


I just got an answer from our developers in regards to this matter, they explained that what you’re describing is actually the expected behavior. This way you could share any specific link. The most common example would be your contact page. If you share the link of your contact page then it should open that page and not the mobile landing page. Your mobile landing page will be visible only if you try to access the site typing the url directly on the browser.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Kind regards,

Mike Jauregui

Thanks Mike. Im not sure if that is the behaviour that id expect. Here are some examples that highlight different behaviours across search engines and direct links all to the same website home page that might highlight what might be considered an inconsistency;1 iPhone Safari and Chrome browser; Google and Yahoo search result that brings up my home page, which defaults to the non-mobile home page say, as it would from the same browsers on a non-mobile device2 iPhone Google Search app, which results in the same outcome id hoped perhaps there would be something sophisticated in the app that recognised the need to look for mobile landing pages3 iPhone LinkedIn app; there is a link to the home page of my website from my LinkedIn page. When i select this link on my iPhone through the LinkedIn app it opens up my websites default mobile page, there is some inconsistencies across the different means of hyperlinking on a mobil device, and it seems that urls from search engines do not translate to the device specific page, whereas the same urls from a static page do translate to the default mobile page.Hope this helpsThanks


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