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login/editing problems

  • BreeziUser
  • December 22, 2013

I am afraid to lose all of my control on my website. Now I cannot edit (even cannot connect to the server). If you are trying to discourage free accounts, please disclose it in an open way. Please…….

2 Answers


We’ve been doing some updates to our platform in order to make it better for every single one of our user. You will not lose control of your website, I can assure you that.

We’ve been trying to reach you by email in order to hear in detail about your problems but you have not responded to any of the messages we have sent, so If you could send us an email to explaining in detail the issues that you’re facing with our platform, we would really appreciate it.


Mike Jauregui

Got the same loading-problem with an additional subpage, the “Home-page” works fine. It always says “If you see it means that if you double click, you can edit the content. Loading…” but never finishes.

An other thing i wanted to ask, if I used similar apps in the similar ordner in the subpage, does it have effects on the home-page? because it seems like that some things in the home-page changed to the content which I edited in the subpage.



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