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Links to Navigation App

I use the drop down menus in the navigation app as the primary means of site navigation. I have four top level items with multiple sub level entries in each. Currently, the top level links require either a URL to link to another site or a link to a another page within the website. For navigation with drop down menus, the functionality required of the top level link is really just to make the drop down menu appear. The drop down menus currently only appear when you rollover the top level link. On a tablet or phone however, there really is no rollover state. I currently just link all of the top level items back to the homepage, but this is confusing when you are on another page and you click on a top level menu item and find yourself back at the homepage. Is there a way to only have the top level menu items activate the drop down menus and not require a URL or a link to another page within the site? With thanks, Bruce. My site is

2 Answers

Hello Bruce,

Thanks a lot for contacting us in regards to this matter. I totally understand what you’re saying about the navigation app on mobile devices. I want you to know that I have passed this issue to our technicians. I’ll get back to you once this issue gets corrected.

Please let us know if you have any other comments or questions.

Kind regards,

Mike Jauregui

I would also like to know how this is resolved. Thanks!


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