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How do Breezi sites render on iPhone & iPad?

Great, great service. I plan to use it soon and often. A couple of questions though. Does a Breezi designed site look good and work well on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone? What about Apple’s retina displays? I’m assuming you support high res images? What about HD video? Looking forward to all your great planned updates in the months to come.


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Thanks for posting, Rodrigo! Currently we offer a base level of mobile optimization, which you can read about here. Basically you can set up a “Mobile Landing Page,” and also pages render all of your apps in a single vertical column when a mobile device is detected, by default. This applies to the iPhone and other mobile devices, however we render your site on the iPad the same way its rendered on a computer (currently).

We plan to forge ahead with further mobile optimization soon though. We’ll be re-working how apps render on mobile devices, to enable better user interaction and display – for example, we’ll enable gestures necessary to interact with certain apps that are native in iOS and other platforms. We haven’t yet had a chance to evaluate optimizing for retina displays.


This blog post goes a little bit into detail about where Breezi is going regarding mobile optimization.

Look out for a full break-down of what we have planned for mobile on our blog, coming soon!

About Image Resolution

Regarding high res images, yes, as long as the file size is under 1.5mb (can be a bit larger for background images, if you choose to upload custom backgrounds). As for HD video, we don’t offer video hosting; however, we offer a Video (single player) and Video Gallery app which lets you simply paste a video URL from a service like YouTube or Vimeo. So if your video is HD on the 3rd party service, it will be fine on your Breezi site.

Thanks again!


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