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Is there a file size limit for images I upload?

3 Answers

Yes, the file size limit is 1.5mb for images uploaded in the Text, Image, Image Gallery, Slideshow, or Banner apps.

But note that the larger the image size, the slower the page will load, so you may want to optimize your images before uploading them. Optimizing consists in using an image editor to reduce file size, with the cost of reducing image quality. The trick is to find the right balance.

Supported image formats are jpg or png, there’s no current support for animated gifs.

You can learn the basics of editing text and images in Breezi in this article.


Is it 1.5mb for each image? And if I need heavier images, can I upload my images some where else to be hosted, and link them here?

Johnson Anderson

Yes, it’s 1.5mb for each one of your uploaded images.

And yes, you can host your images elsewhere and link them in Breezi. Here’s how to do it.

First, use your file hosting service of choice to upload your images. Once you have a public URL for your image, log into your site and go to the relevant image you want to change, and click on “Replace”.

Image editor

You’ll be then presented with two options for your new image: selecting one from your computer, or entering a URL.

Replace an image with one from your computer or a public URL

Enter the URL of your hosted image, and hit “Save”.

Let us know if you had any troubles.

Mike Jauregui

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