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I want to edit my site, how do I login?

I opened an account a few days ago, and couldn’t finish. I have some time now and I want to edit it, but don’t remember how to login or enter edit mode. Where’s my login link or how do I enter?

1 Answer

Logging in to your site is very easy. You have a few options.

From Breezi Homepage

1. Go to, and locate the “Login” link at the top of the page, and click it.

Breezi's home page, login at the top

Then, your email will be requested (if you own multiple sites, enter the email you used for the particular site you want to edit). After entering it, you will be redirected to your site’s login page.

Enter your email to login

From Internal Pages

2. On any of the internal pages of Breezi (like this one, the one you’re reading), you’ll find the same links from the step above. Only this time, they will be at the bottom.

Login link at the bottom of internal pages

Clicking it will take you to the same screen as above, requesting your email. And again, once you enter it, you’ll be taken to the right login site.

From the Exact URL of Your Site

3. If you want to go straight to your login page, just enter your site address on your browser, appending /login to the URL. It works the same if you’re using your own domain, or a Breezi subdomain.

So for example, you have a site on “” and you purchased your own domain which is “” and pointed it to Breezi. Both of the following sample URLs will take you to your site login:


So go ahead and log back in! If you need help or want to learn more about basic stuff like apps or layout, this is the place for it!

Mike Jauregui

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