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What makes Breezi different than all the other website builders?

1 Answer

Breezi has completely reinvented the experience of creating a website. Focused on empowering designers & creatives, we removed everything from the process that typically hinders creativity and delays the launch, giving a seamless path from ideas to live, pixel-perfect websites.
Style Dots to Custom Design in Breezi Website Builder
You can design your pages with intuitive control over every detail, drag-and-drop content using Apps, and customize the layouts however you’d like.

For Starters…

To start out, you pick from a range of grid-based wireframes or pre-designed starting point options. Then you take full control in creating your website with the exact look and feel you envisioned.
Adding Custom Backgrounds Using Breezi Website Builder
With most other website builders, you’re locked into rigid templates that hinder the creative process, and to design a truly custom site you need to spend a great deal of time, effort, and trouble shooting. Click “Test Drive” to see for yourself though, or “Sign Up” to create a site!


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