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How does Breezi handle website hosting, email, FTP, DNS management, name servers, etc.?

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Unlike some services, the sole focus of is to provide a hosted platform for creating and managing a website. In other words, you can create, design, launch, and manage a website over time using Breezi, and your site’s hosting, along with support, is included. We host Breezi websites through Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we currently don’t set storage limits for customer’s websites.

Some of Breezi's features

We do not currently provide the following services (but don’t worry, we’ll help guide you):

Domain registration
Although we may add additional services and/or partner with other providers to help streamline managing these other areas in the future, for now Breezi is focused on making the best possible website editing & design experience for our customers.

If you've already registered a domain, point it to Breezi!


So, with that said, you will likely fall into one of the following situations right now, and here’s what to do next:

1. I’ll just keep my subdomain (i.e. for now.

Next Step: You can finish up and publish your site, and feel free to check out additional resources below if you become interested in registering and pointing a domain for your Breezi site.

2. I want my own domain, but don’t know how to do it.

Next Step: Learn how to purchase a domain to use for your Breezi website.

3. I have a domain already, but don’t know how to connect it to my Breezi site.

Next Step: Click here to learn how to point your domain, and then pick the domain registrar you used for specific instructions.

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