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How do you insert a line break within a text block using Tabs and Accordions?

How do you insert a line break when adding or editing content withing a tab using Tabs and Accordions?Whether I type on the fly or use cut and paste the line breaks instantly vanish after I hit enter on my keyboard. Ive even tried using a different computer because the behavior looks like its adding a Backspace every time I hit Enter.Do I need to change a setting somewhere or do something else?Im at a loss.

2 Answers


We’ve been working with the Tabs and Accordions app and we are able to add line breaks with no complications by hitting the enter button. Would you please send us the URL of your site to so we can take a look at it.


Mike Jauregui

I played with it for a whole day and couldn’t get it to work. But within 30 mins of posting my question here on Q&A it started working fine.

I figured someone at Breezi saw my question and tweaked the editor but even if you guys did nothing it seems my problem is solved.


Dead Headz

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