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How do I set a static background?

Is there any way I could set a static background? That is, the text upfront scrolls but the background doesn’t scroll with it?

Here’s an example of what I am talking about:

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You can do that easily, you just need to select the “Full Page” background option. Here’s an article that explains how to do it:

How to set a Full Page background

Let us know if you have any comments or questions, remember that we’re here to help.

All the best,

Mike Jauregui

Thank you for your reply. I did check out that article, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite solve my issue. I’m trying to keep the background stationary. The text over background should scroll but the background must not move at all.

When I click on “Edit” next to “Background Image” I am given the following options: No Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Horizontally, and Repeat vertically. I don’t want any repeats and when I pick “No Repeat”, the background still scrolls when viewed on a browser.

If you visit the link I posted earlier, you’ll notice that when you scroll, only surface elements and text are moving. The background image never moves. This is what I’m trying to do as well.

So is there a way to do it on Beezi?

Thanks for you time.


The reason I wasn’t getting it was because I hadn’t checked the “Force transparency below blocks” option. Hence I couldn’t see the page background.

Thanks a lot Mike. You helped me get it working. I have the static background. This exactly what I wanted.

By the way, could you remove my last post? Since it’s working, that post isn’t relevant any more.


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