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How come you lowered the page limit from unlimited to 100?

According to the Create A Page guide under the Getting Started section:
“You can have unlimited pages with your Breezi site, and to access them just click Pages from the Shelf. If you mouse over an existing page, you can click Page Settings to update the title, meta data and other options. And you can click “Create” to start a new page. So I’ll go ahead and enter a Page Title here, and then go down and add some meta keywords for search terms I’m targeting, and complete a meta description as well – all of these fields can help with your SEO if optimized properly.”

but now I see another page that specifies a page limit of “100″… WHY THE CHANGE?
and does this affect all users? including those that have the unlimited free plan from when Breezi first started?

I have a huge site with tons of webpages and I am wondering if this is going to affect me.

1 Answer

Yes, it affect all users.

It was changed because some users were abusing the service.


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