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Header do not propagate …

  • Breezi User
  • December 30, 2013

Please help me understand why the changes made on my (steaky) header from the Home Page do not propagate to the other pages … Thanks in advance, Andrea!

1 Answer


Would you please let me know what type of changes are you making on the header? If it is a change in the content, you have to make sure to be using the same app versions in all of the pages, this way any change made in any page, will be reflected in the rest of the pages, but if the change has to do with styles like background colors, corner radius, background images or layout, those changes will not propagate to other pages because those settings are independent per page.

Please let me know what changes are you trying to make so I can walk you through right process on how to edit the site.


Mike Jauregui

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