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Drop down menus over super banner app

I have installed the super banner app into the intro block on a test page on my site. I have the drop down menus in the navigation app in the header block above. The menus have five or six entries to them, and drop down lower than the top of the images in the super banner app, as has been established elsewhere by the sites layout. The drop down menu items are then hidden from view, that is, they are effectively behind the super banner app and not visible. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, BR

3 Answers

Hello Bruce,

We have tested the issue that you’re reporting on a couple of sites and we were unable to replicate it. Is it possible for you to access our live chat in order to work together to find the cause of the issue and fix it as soon as possible. we would need to know the url of your site or the email address associated to it. Or if you prefer, you can send us the information via email to

Thanks in advance,

Mike Jauregui


Thanks a lot for sending us your information. We will work on the issue and then we will follow up with you through our support system.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

All the best,

Mike Jauregui

Thanks for fixing the issue so quickly, works very well now. Cheers, BR

Bruce Rowe

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