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What’s the difference between DNS (name servers) and A records?

  • Breezi User
  • August 17, 2012

1 Answer

Domain Name Server

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It is a service that works in a server. And an “A” record, is an entry in a database with “directions” for getting to a website. These records are stored in a DNS. When you enter an address in your web browser, the request goes to a DNS, which checks its records for the domain name of the site you requested. If available, it sends it back to your browser so it knows where to go for that site. If that server doesn’t have the requested domain in its records, it will go to the next DNS to look for it.

Update Records, not Servers

Basically, a name server manages records. So when you want to update your DNS records to point to your domain, you’ll need to change those (the records) and not the actual name servers. You’ll find the records in the panel of your domain provider.

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Mike Jauregui

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