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Display of Images

I’m currently in the process of adding content to my site – it relies heavily on image content. Where are the basic image display options? Such as thumbnail to large image on the same page? Or a collection of large images that can be clicked through one by one? For all the functionality of Breezi, this area seems strangely limited? Can the appearance of the enlarged image from thumbnail in the Image Gallery App be altered – particularly the title of the enlarged image in the pill shaped border and the position of the arrows? Thanks, any advice would be appreciated.

2 Answers

Hi Bruce,

The image gallery app has all the settings for you to be able to either click to enlarge or not, resize, use pagination and more. Click the wrench on the upper right of the app and you should see the options.

As for the pill shaped caption area, we don’t have anymore option for that yet but you can have that not show by not putting any caption for your images.

Let me know if that helps


Thanks Navid, that helps somewhat. Hopefully youll be bringing some more image display apps out soon also. Cheers, Bruce

Bruce Rowe

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