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Customer Survey Form

  • Aaron Longtain
  • November 29, 2012

Hello, Im interested in using breezi to redesign and take direct control of several websites. Would need to be able to incorporate customer survey functionality that would allow me to create simple surveys and review response data. Do you have a form app that will accomplish this task?

1 Answer

Hi Aaron,
Yes, we have a couple of different form apps you could use currently for this. You can see a preview of our apps on the homepage, by scrolling down and clicking the “Feature Tour” button.

We’re also working on a full form builder, which will give you a lot more flexibility over how you set up your form fields – letting you include drop-downs, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. You can sign-up to receive a notification for when that feature goes live here:

Also, you could always use a third party tool like Wufoo or Survey Monkey, and embed the form right on your Breezi site:

Lots of options :)


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