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Constantly logged off

Hello Breezi,

I am being consistently logged off and taken back to the initial login window when trying to work on my site. I have been working in my ‘news’ section primarily which uses the blog app. This seems to be working fine – ie. content is entered and appears to have been saved until I am logged off and then my changes have disappeared. A pop up dialogue box appears to tell me that I have been logged off my server. Please advise. Thanks.

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I want you to know that we’re still working on your case, as soon as it gets corrected I will let you know.

Thank you very much for your time and understanding on this matter.


Mike Jauregui

Hi, I have faced the same problem with my site. I am using the blog app and when I had done and wanted to published the post (previously I have to close the editing page and click on the icon on the far right which is not click-able now as it ask to log out in order for the changes to take place). I logged off and the post I wanted to published is not there. However it is still editable and appear on my blog apps. It just not appearing on my live site.

Kindly advise me(us) on this.. Thank you.


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