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Changing redirecting of domain

  • BreeziUser
  • June 25, 2013

I no longer own the domain name I used for my website:
When I try to logon to breezi, it forwards to that domain name which I can no longer access.
I do however own the domain name which I want to use as my breezi website.

If anyone knows how I can access my site without it redirecting to my old domain name I would be most grateful.

Kind Regards,


2 Answers


In order to enter to your breezi site, you only need add “/login” at the end of your breezi URL, this will take you to the login screen of your breezi site, in which you can change the domain to whatever you want!

In your case this address will be:

Thank you
Best Regards!


Hi Oscar,

Thanks for responding. However your suggestion was the first thing I tried before posting on here, and which didn’t work, all it did was direct to (which is now a domain for sale) which is why I asked for help.
It’s also cast into doubt which password I used before as I haven’t accessed the site in a while. However if one presses the forgot password link it goes to a similar screen:

Do you know how else I can access my breezi account in order to change the URL that breezi redirects to?

Thanks again,



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