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How do you transition background image edges from container to container?

After building a site myself using Breezi (which was a breeze by the way, pun intended), I decided to explore the site a bit more. After being literally in awe from all of the amazing visuals and content you have to offer, I discovered the PushupCharity website creation video; I went to their website: What popped out was the transitions, with the triangular repeating edges – how was this accomplished? I took a look at the video as the website is being made, and it just suddenly happens for no apparent reason. I’m stumped.

3 Answers

Glad you’re liking Breezi so far Terra! The backgrounds you’re referring to were actually designed separately outside of Breezi, and then uploaded using the “Custom Image” option when you’re in the “Background Image” window. You can see more information on this here.


Hi Terra, that was a custom background image that the designer made to repeat and uploaded it to the background dot.


Thanks! I was figuring that was the case, but it didnt make sense for one reason at the time. This reason was that the top content area had a pattern in it that was mildly off center in comparison to the transition, if you will. It now makes sense that one can create an image with the sharp edged border at the top of the image, and stick with a solid colour such as white in the bottom half of the image. Then, because breezi is so intuitive, choose to repeat the image on the x-axis and set the background colour to white. Voila. Thanks for your responses, both of you!

Terra Valle

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