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What is the app toolbar?

1 Answer

The app toolbar is that is that set of icons that appear on top of an app when you hover it (the app).

An app toolbar

Available Options

This control bar allows you to do several things with the app. For example, with the toolbar from the above image, and from left to right, you can:

Duplicate the app (2x icon). It will create another version of the app right below it, so you’ll have two of them which can be modified independently.
Swap for another version (two arrows icon). If you have different instances installed of the same app in other places (in the same page or in other pages), you will be able to switch to any of them.
Edit its settings (wrench icon). Here you will be able to access some options for the app. These will vary according to which app you are editing.
Move the app (four directional arrow icon). You can reposition an app in another column by dragging this button.
Remove the app (x icon). If you click on the “X”, the app will be removed. You can restore it if you delete it by accident though.


Some apps may have additional buttons on their toolbars, like the Blog app pictured below. These apps, that allow for multiple items within, will have an extra icon on the left called “New Entry”. Clicking it will add a new item to the app. Some other apps that include this button are the Picture Showcase, Tabbed Widget or Banner app for example.

New entry button on the Blog app toolbar

The Contact app will have another additional button: Inquiries. This icon will appear in the toolbar of apps that allow visitors to send feedback in a form. The Banner or Button app also allow inquiries.

Inquiries button for the Contact app

Mike Jauregui

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