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Can I add or delete columns and rows in my page layout?

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Yes! You can now add, remove, and re-position blocks (previously know as containers) with the Layout Builder (just released). Inside blocks, you can create sections, and within sections you can have columns. Refer to the image below.

 Layout Diagram of Containers

This diagram illustrates how blocks have sections inside, and sections have columns

You can also select from a variety of predefined layouts available (currently under maintenance) for your site, and then adjust the column widths and place apps wherever you’d like. Additionally, some apps have a few inline-layout configuration options of their own, like Navigation or Carousel.


Now you can hide the controls of the Layout Builder when you’re done setting up your layout, so they don’t interfere with your workflow. It also improves speed! Check out the Design Mode options.

Mike Jauregui

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