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I accidentally deleted an app – how can I get it back?

  • Breezi User
  • July 4, 2012

1 Answer

Sure you can get your apps back! Don’t worry, your apps are automatically saved all the time!


Each time you create an app, a “version” is made for that particular app. And as you make edits, add or remove content or change settings, that version is constantly saved.

With the app versions you can do a number of things, like install them in different pages, swap them for other versions, and duplicate or remove them.

If you remove by accident any of your apps, restore it by going to the App Store menu and just re-install it! I’ll explain the steps to help you achieve this.

Steps to Re-installing an App

1. Go to the shelf > Apps > and look for the App you want to restore. For this example I’ll use the Navigation app, but you can do so with the app you’re trying to restore. Notice a number inside parenthesis. It indicates how many existing versions of that app you currently have in your site.

App Store menu, showing the Navigation app

2. Click it and a list of these versions will be displayed. Here your app version will be showing, and you can just grab the “Install” button from the right row (the one you are looking for). Notice that you may have default names for each of these versions. Here you can also update the names of your versions for easier management.

App Store menu, showing Navigation versions

Once you drag and drop it on a block of your page, it should load right there.

Drag and drop the app

And that’s it! You have now restored your missing app.


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