Streamline managing, creating, duplicating & publishing hundreds of sites!

With our Multisite Website Builder Platform you can create as many sites as you like and will be able to visualize and manage them from an intuitive and visual oriented design.

Create multiple sites all at once!

Just click on the “Site Creator” button and enter the email addresses you want to use on each one of the site and hit “Done”. Creating a site has never been that easy.


We will organize it for you

You can visualize and manage all of your sites from the same window in an organized way. You can see if the site is Public or not, reset the password at any time or delete the site in case that you no longer need it. Plus, you can change the contact information at any time as well as the analytics without having to access to any of the sites.

Just click on the site name and you will see the most relevant information from that site such as url, email address, age of the site among other useful data.

Duplicate Any of Your Sites

Recreating a site from a scratch is not longer needed!

If you created an amazing site and you would like to use it once again without having to recreate it manually, you can just copy it, easy as that. You can save either starting points or predesigned sites, this way you will never have to start from a scratch.

Login to Any Sites with One Click

You can access any site at any time just with a single click. You will not need to access any user or password, just click on the login button in order to access any of the sites.

Includes All Breezi Features

Design mode, Undo & Redo, Content Mode, Styles, Skins

Use Your Own Branding

That’s right, you can add your own logo and use your own top level domain. This way all of your sites will be branded with your company’s name

Get All Apps & Skins for Free

Because best things in life are free, you’ll get access to every single one of our apps for free including premium apps (that is correct, including premium apps). You will always be updated with our latest apps and you will not have to pay a single penny for that.

3 Day Trial

Your users can try it for free during 3 days. There are no cancellation fees.

How much does it cost?

$35/month installation fee + $9/month per site (the regular breezi price).

So example would be for 30 sites it would be 35 + 270 (30×9) = $305

You can choose to either have the site owners pay the $9/mo fee or you could pay it yourself. This option is set inside. If you have above 500 sites, you can get volume discounts. Contact us for that.