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Create a Beautiful Business Micro Site with our Yelp Shuffler

Hi there! Today we’re announcing a feature very similar to the one we released a few days ago with Eventbrite. This time the micro site will not be about an event, but one for your small business!

With this tool, you’ll be able to instantly create a micro site out of your business page from Yelp. You’ll only need the Yelp URL of your business listing, and then you can choose from a variety of beautifully designed templates. Then you’ll be able to edit and customize your site in any way you want.

Here’s how:

Create a Yelp Page

If you don’t have one already, go to Yelp’s Business Owners homepage and click on “Signup”.

Yelp for Business owners

Yelp Business Owners homepage

You’ll be taken to a search form to look up your business. If it’s not on Yelp yet, you can create one from the link at the bottom of the search results.

Click this link to create a new business page

Click this link to create a new business page

Once you add the data for your business, you’ll be sent a notification to confirm your email and request.

Business owner confirmation message

Business owner confirmation message

You can then review your business information and update it if needed.

Enter Yelp Shuffler

Once your business listing is on Yelp, you can go straight to the:

Yelp Shuffler

And enter the URL of your Biz.

Yelp Shuffler

Enter the URL of your business here

Choose an Instant Template

After entering your URL and hitting “enter”, you’ll be prompted for a tagline and a description of your services.

What's your tagline?

Enter your business’ tagline here

A gallery of template screenshots will be generated on the fly, and you can choose any one of your liking!

Template gallery

Choose a template from the gallery

Save Your Site

You’ll need to save your site. Enter the data requested on the form to continue.

Enter your data and save your site

Enter your data and save your site

You’re Done

You can edit your site just like any other in our web tool! Go ahead and modify all the apps and content, even if it was created automatically.

A preview of the instant micro site

Here’s how your Yelp business micro site would look

If there’s something not covered here, please do ask!