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Show Local Business Reviews with the Yelp App

With this app, you can display yelp reviews on your site! You can also customize the view with a few display options, like which types of reviews to show, and whether to show the name of the business, total reviews, and more.

How to Use it

It’s easy as these two steps:

  1. Search for the business that you want to show (in Yelp)
  2. Copy the URL and paste it in the App (in our application )
Sample review in Yelp

Copy the URL of the review

Display Options

Clicking the wrench icon (options) on the app toolbar, will show the options available to customize it.

Yelp app toolbar

Click on the wrench to open the options

The first block of options are “Business Settings”.

Exact Yelp URL

This is where you’ll paste the address you copied from Yelp.

Yelp options: URL

Enter the URL of the review here

Show (Type of Reviews)

Here you can choose if you want both “Average” and “User Reviews” or only one of the two.

Yelp options: "Show"

Select the kind of reviews you want on display

Business Checkboxes

The next two options are checkboxes to select whether you want to show the “Business Name” and the “Total Reviews”.

Average Score Star Size

Here you can select the size of the star reviews. Comes in “large” or “small”.

Star size comparison

Preview of the large and small star sizes

Following below, there’s the “Reviewer Settings”, where you can choose:

  • Show Reviewer Image
  • Show Reviewer Name
  • Reviews Star Size
This screenshot shows different parts of the Reviewer on the Yelp app

Reviewer Image, Name, and Rating shown here

And you have of course the final checkbox to keep Styles propagated.


You can use the Style Dots to change fonts and colors like in any other app. Just click those Dots!

Different Style Dots on the Yelp app

Use any of these Dots to customize styling, fonts, colors and more

That’s it!

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