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How to Add a Custom Wufoo Form

What You’ll Learn

Do you need to add a custom form to your site, and the native Breezi form apps aren’t quite doing the trick for what you need? No worries, you’ve got options! For setting up fully custom forms that you can easily embed on your Breezi site, we recommend Wufoo.

Steps for Adding a Custom Wufoo Form

In Breezi

1. Add the Embed HTML app to the page on your site that you’d like to display the form on.

In Wufoo

2. Log into your Wufoo account (or create a free account if you haven’t already), create and customize your form, and then click the Code option.

Custom Wufoo Form on Your Breezi Website

Copy the Code

3. Click Embed Form Code from the left menu, then copy & paste the code under the iFrame Version.

Custom Wufoo Form on Your Breezi Website

Paste the Code in an Embed HTML App

4. Go back into your Breezi site, click Edit Content on the Embed HTML app, remove the default html code, and then paste in the code provided by Wufoo. Click Save, and then Close.

You’re done! Now when a visitor completes the form on your site, it will send the form submission data straight to your Wufoo account.