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Exploring E-Commerce Options – Wazala


Take a look at the Mini Shop App, to create your own online store without leaving Breezi!

What You’ll Learn

This tutorial covers how you can add Wazala to your site, to let your visitors make purchases through Wazala’s e-commerce tool. Just follow the following steps.

Option 1: Overlay

  1. Go to Wazala and sign-up for an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Add your products and configure your shop however you’d like.
  3. Go to “Get Widget” in the Wazala dashboard.
  4. Under “Type” select “Overlay”, and then adjust the other available options as needed.
  5. When you’re done, copy the embed code.
  6. Log into your Breezi site, go to the “More” menu, click “URL / Custom Tracking Code”, and paste the embed code in the “Custom Analytics” field. Click “Save”.

To see the Wazala widget display on your site, log out of your Breezi account and you’ll see how it displays!

Note: If you’d like to customize how the widget button looks, it’s a bit more advanced and we haven’t fully tested it yet, but you can learn more here and give it a try.

Option 2: Embedded Widget

  1. Go back to your Wazala account, go to “Get Widget”, and this time select the “Embed” option.
  2. Copy the embed code.
  3. Go back to your Breezi site, and go to the page where you’d like to embed your shopping cart.
  4. Add the “Embed HTML” app on the page, and then click “Edit Content” on the app.
  5. Highlight the default content in the field, and then paste the Wazala embed code.
  6. Save, close out of the app editor screen, refresh your pages…voilà! You should see your shopping cart embedded right on your page!

More e-commerce tutorials coming soon, stay tuned…