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The Video App’s New Features

Wouldn’t it be cool to display your videos on your site without the information bar at the top that always gets you distracted? or being able to remove the controls so nobody can skip important parts of your video by clicking ahead on the progress bar, or better yet, not to display the related videos that appear at the end, well my good friends, I’m here to tell you that you can do this and more with the new features of the Video app.

What you will learn

In this article you will learn how to use the new features of the Video app such as:

  • Autoplay
  • Display player controls
  • Auto hide controls
  • display info
  • Show related videos
  • Modify the look of the player
Before we go any further it is important to say that you can get to all of these options just by clicking on the Edit Settings button on the app toolbar.
Let’s get started.


Have you ever wanted to add a video that starts to play as soon as your site loads? maybe an introductory video? but you did not have coding experience so you could not make it happen, well autoplay is now available!

In order to activate this feature you will have to go to the Edit Settings button

Edit Settings Button

Click on the Edit Settings button in order to get access to the new features

After you click on the Edit Settings button you will see the Autoplay option. In order to activate this option you only need to click on the checkbox and save.

Autoplay option

Check the autoplay option and save

Once your visitors access your site, your video will start to play automatically, sweet.

Display Player Controls

There might be times when you need to display a video without displaying the player controls and only show the play button. This feature is really important when you need your visitors to see the complete video and not just part of it by letting them move forward using the progress bar.

You can take advantage of this option by going to the Edit Settings button, checking or unchecking the Display Player Controls option and save.

Display Player Controls Option

Use this option in order to display or hide the player controls

If the option is not checked, your video will look like this

Video without player controls

As you can see, this video is not displaying the player controls at all

Auto Hide Controls

This option is really useful in order to make the video player controls disappear this way your visitors will not get distracted by the progress bar moving. But  you will also have the opportunity to bring the controls back just by hovering your mouse over the video.

Hide Controls

The player controls will only appear if you hover your mouse over the video

Display info

At the top of each video you will see an information bar. In this bar you can see the title of the video as well as some sharing options and the info button which basically displays the number of times that the video has been played as well as the subscribe button and thumbnails.

Now you can decide whether to hide or display the information bar. Just check or uncheck the Display Info option and save.

Display Info

If this option is checked, the information bar will be displayed whereas if it is unchecked the information bar will be hidden and not accesible

Show Related Videos

Once your video is over, a bunch of related videos will appear on the screen so you can click on them. Sometimes the related videos are videos from your competitors so it is better not to display them. Said that, you have the opportunity to not to display the related videos and instead of that just make your video go back to its initial state. You can do this by checking/unchecking the Show Related Videos option on the Edit Settings modal.

Show Related Videos

With this option you will be able to decide whether to display or not the related videos once your video is over

Modify The Look of The Player

You can now modify the color of the progress bar as well as the theme of the player, this way you can customize even more your site. Just go to the Edit Settings modal and click on the last two options of the player settings.

Customize the look of the player

You will be able to select either a Red or White progress bar. You will also be able to select between the Light or Dark themes

These new features will let you take total control of what you’re displaying on your site, so go ahead and play a little bit with these options, I’m sure you will love them as much as I do.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions.

All the best