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How to Verify Your Breezi Site With Pinterest

What You’ll Learn

In this article you will learn how to verify your site on Pinterest.

Verifying Your Site

Please follow the next steps in order to verify your site with Pinterest.

1. Login to your Pinterest account.

2. Once you’re logged in go to Settings.

Click on the Settings button in order to verify your site

3. Scroll down until you find the website verification option.

4. Type your website’s URL.

Add your website’s URL and click on the “Verify My Website” button

5. On the verification page you will see some instruction asking you to download an HTML verification file. Please do not download this file instead of that click on the option that says “Verify with Meta Tag”.

Select the option that says “Verify with Meta Tag”

6. You will see new instruction on the window which includes an HTML Tag. Please copy that tag.

Copy the HTML Tag provided by Pinterest

7. Login to your site.

8. Once you’re logged in, please click on the “More” tab and select the “URL / Custom Tracking Code” option.

Click on the “URL / Custom Tracking Code” option

9. Paste the HTML Meta Tag inside the Custom Analytics field and save.

Paste the HTML Meta Tag and save

10. Once you have saved the Meta Tag, please click on the Push Changes button.

Click on this button every time you make a change on your site

11. Go back to Pinterest’s verification page and click on the option that says “Complete Process”.

Complete the Verification process by clicking on this option.

After completing this last step your site will be verified.

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