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How to Upload Images

How to Upload Images

What You’ll Learn

In this article, you’ll learn how to upload images to your site.

Please note: Maximum image file size is: 5mb

Using the Text App

Here’s a quick video showing the process of uploading an image in a Text app.


1 .When you are in a Text app, go to the place where you want to insert an image.

2. Locate the “edit in place” toolbar at the top. On the right side, there’s the “add image” button. It’s depicted by a picture with a plus sign, as in the image below.

Upload image button for the Text app

3. After clicking it, a dialog box will appear, and it will allow you to select either an image from a public URL, or from your computer.

Select "My Computer" and then, an image to upload

There you can select an image from your hard drive, and it will be uploaded and added automatically to your Text app.

Using the Image App

It’s almost the same with the Image app. Here’s a quick video showing it.


1. First you add an Image app. Just drag and drop it from your app menu.

2. Then double click on the default sample image.

Double click to edit the Image

3. And finally, click on the replace button on the bottom left corner of the image dialog box.

Replace Image

It will open the same dialog for selecting either an image from your computer or a URL. Go ahead and select one. Note that there’s currently a 1.5mb image file size limit.

Select "My Computer" and then, an image to upload

That’s it! Do you have questions or comments about this how-to? Let us know in the comments area below!