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Upload & Host Files for Download on Your Website

About Uploading and Hosting Files

You may need to upload and host files (documents, PDFs, videos, etc.), which you can link on your site so your visitors can then download them. Currently we don’t have native file upload and hosting capabilities, giving you a library to manage hosted files from. However, you can easily use 3rd party providers such as Dropbox to upload and manage files. Here’s how you can upload files using a free Dropbox account, and then add the links on your site so your visitors can download them.

For Starters…

1. Visit and sign in (if you’re an existing user) or create a new account.

Create a free Dropbox account

2. You can bypass installing the Dropbox desktop application if you’d like by just clicking the Dropbox logo.

You can skip this step by clicking on the logo

3. Once you’re logged in, click on the Public folder. This is the folder where you will upload your files.

The public folder is where you put files with everybody can access

4. Then click the “Upload” icon to upload a file saved on your computer.

Upload files from your computer

5. Once you upload your files in the Public folder, right-click on the document you’d like to link on your website and click “Copy public link”

The public link can be shared for Internet wide access

Back in Your Site…

Now the public URL where anyone can go to download the file is copied on your clipboard, and you can log into your site can add the link to text or an image.

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