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Upgrade Your Old Blog App to the New One

In this post you’ll learn how to move your content from your old blog app into the new one. You’ll want to do this not just because in time, we will no longer support the old version, but because the new app has several benefits.

Main Benefits of the New Blog App

  • Custom URLs: Now you have a unique page URL for each of your posts, and they’re customizable too!
  • Categories: You can assign a category to every post.
  • Commenting: There’s no built-in commenting feature on the new blog app as of now, but you can use a third party system for enabling comments.
  • CMS Panel: This panel was designed to enhance the managing and writing experience of your posts, making it easier to add and edit entries.
The new blog app's CMS panel

In the CMS panel for the blog app you have several options and settings available

Support Will Be Dropped

Don’t worry. You and of course, your visitors, can currently still access your old blog app. But please notice that in a few weeks, you will no longer be able to use it.

So there’s no rush! But it will be advisable to start migrating your content into the new blog app as soon as possible. Here’s how!

Copy Your Content

You’ll have to manually copy the content from the old app to the new one. Don’t remove the old one until you have migrated all the entries!

First: create a test page where you can preview the new app.

Add page button

Add a test page for helping you migrate your content from the old blog app

Make it hidden from search engines and don’t link it from anywhere else. This page is just for migration purposes.

Page creation window, for creating a test page

Select the checkbox for hiding this test page from search engines

In this test page, you can add your new blog app. You can add the old one too, so it’s easier to copy your posts right from the same page.

Dialog for copying apps to the new page

You can leave out most of the apps for the new test page

Now, copy the entries on the old blog app, add a new entry on the new blog app and paste it.

Add an entry on your new blog app

Start adding posts on your new blog app and paste the content from the old one

Note that it may be better if you strip the formatting (sanitize) the content before pasting it. One easy way to do it is to paste the content first on a notepad (or any other plain-text editor), and then, copy it again from there.

A Microsoft Windows notepad for "sanitizing" content

Paste your content in a plain-text editor, like the Windows Notepad, to remove text formatting, then copy it again (without format)

Once you’re done copying all the entries, you can remove the old blog app from the app store and install the new app where you wanted it before.


If you have any problems along the way, please refer to these common problems below and how to fix them!

Layout Changes

The editing experience has changed in the blog app. We have now the CMS panel view, with more options available to customize your blog. It is pretty straight forward, you have a menu of options on the left side, where you can edit everything related to your posts.

The CMS panel for the blog app

In the CMS panel, you have several options for the new blog app

Create an Independent Blog Page

Depending on your design, you may want to reorganize your page’s structure. For example, you may want to have a dedicated page for your blog app. On this page, you could clean the body block (or bodies) of apps as much as possible, and retain only the elements that are consistent across the site (like site name, logo, navigation menu, footer address, etc).

This is mainly because, whenever your visitors click on a post-title, they will be send to an independent page, that will mimic the layout of the page where the blog app is installed. So you might want it to look “cleaner”, so that page becomes blog-focused only.


Is there an automatic way to do the migration?

No, unfortunately, we don’t have an automatic way to do the migration for you. You must do it manually.

Will my URL change?

With the old blog app, your visitors got a modal window on top of your page opened whenever they clicked on an entry from your blog. Then, an anchor was created at the end of the URL (like Now, each entry you create will have its own page (no modal window) with a dedicated, unique URL for easier sharing.

What about redirects?

Since we can’t automatically update your app, there’s also no automatic redirect of the old posts to the new one.

Do I have to enter a slug?

It is not mandatory to set a slug for your posts. If it’s not set, the app will automatically create one based on the post’s title.

Post slug for an entry

The post slug is automatically generated, or you can edit it

Can I back-date posts?

If you want to keep the published-date of the posts “intact” while copying the content from the old blog app to the new one, you can change the date on the post so it reflects the actual publish date of the original one. To do so, click on the pencil icon on the app to enter the CMS panel. Then go to the “Manage Posts” section, and click on “Edit” on each of the posts that you want to backdate.

There you will be able to change the date, on the top right.

You can change the date of posts on the CMS panel

When editing a post, look at the top right: there you can edit the publishing date of it

Did we miss something? Please ask in the comments!