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Most Requested Feature: Undo/Redo is Live!

Today we’re announcing one of the most requested features of all time: Undo (and Redo)!

With this feature, you will be able to go back one step at a time on the action history of your site. And of course, if you need it, you can go forth with the Redo button.

What this Does

We’re betting you already know what this feature is for.

That curvy arrow pointing to the left has now become a standard in most apps/software.

Find the undo button on shelf below

The undo button is located on the shelf

How it Works

Just press the button!

Whenever you perform an action that you don’t want to keep, look to the shelf and press the button to undo it. Note on the image above that whenever you hover over this button, it will say which action specifically it will undo.

Also notice that when you click it, a progress bar will indicate that it’s processing your Undo request.

Bar indicating the progress made towards the undoing of an action

Bar indicating the progress made towards the undoing of an action

You can also get back the action you just undid, with the button right next to the undo (the arrow pointing to the right).

You’ll be interested in some other details explained on the FAQ below.


I clicked undo but the style looks messed, why?

Sometimes the styling may take a bit longer to fully reflect the original state. This is normal and you don’t need to refresh.

Are all actions undoable?

No, not every single action is undoable. Some of the actions you can’t undo are related to:

Then, what actions are undoable?

Almost everything that you do on the editor visually is undoable. Here’s a list of not so obvious stuff that is undoable:

  • Dots/Dot Profiles (note that each and every edit within the Style Dots are undoable, not by batch of edit/saves)
  • Style Propagation
  • Edits you make on the CMS panel

When does it start to “record” actions?

As soon as the editor loads. You can’t undo actions from other sessions. If you refresh your browser, all changes you made before the reload will not be undoable.

How many steps or actions are “recorded”?

You can undo/redo as many as 20 actions.

Is it automatically published?

No, if you undo any action, you need to manually publish it.

That’s it

Please let us know if you have any questions.